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Metal roofing is a permanent solution engineered to last a lifetime. When used on residential buildings, this roofing system is the perfect solution to our rugged west coast weather.

At River Roofing, we provide the installation of metal roof panels and metal roof shingles. We further specialize in custom metal work including cap flashings, chimney and skylight repair/installation and architectural sheet metal siding. 

Cedar roofs are beautiful and very rugged if installed corectly. Special treatments such as sweft valleys, combed ridges, decorative patterns, and butt ends can help add that special character to any building. 

In addition to wood shingles, we apply and install nearly every type of roofing material. This includes top of the line fiberglass laminate shingles in a variety of colors.


Custom designs using wood shingles can be integrated into the roofing system, as well as incorporated into the homes siding. Past work includes animal and floral designs. 

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